Thursday, June 20, 2013

Why Say No To Surveillance State

Our standing military is not staffed by honorable men who care about our security, they are officered by venal politicians who do not even have the nerve to stand for election.  The make files on each other, spy on each other and try to bring each other down.
At a Pentagon ceremony for his subsequent retirement in 2010, McChrystal made light of the episode in his farewell address. The four-star general warned his comrades in arms, "I have stories on all of you, photos of many, and I know a Rolling Stone reporter."
It does not really matter of we outlaw the domestic spying, all levels of law enforcement routinely violate all rules.  Writing new rules will not do the trick.  Replacing all this "law enforcement" with the better ways I have laid oout in this blog is the only hope of peace and security.

Here is a good movie from Poland, 100 minutes, when its surveillance state was at its height:

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