Sunday, June 2, 2013

Still More on London Murderer

Well, it seems in addition to hounding him, Intelligence services has already turned his brother...

Police and security services are under huge pressure to explain what they know about Adebolajo and his alleged accomplice, Michael Adebowale. Despite warnings stretching back ten years, Michael Adebolajo is said to have been considered ‘low risk’ by MI5. He was photographed at high-profile protests – even standing next to hate preacher Anjem Choudary.
He was arrested in Kenyan 2010 over his alleged plans to travel to Somalia to join terror group Al-Shabaab before being returned to the UK. Jeremiah married Charlotte Patricia Taylor in 2008 at Sutton Register Office in Surrey.

There is obviously no supervision of Western Intelligence.  Even more than IRS agents, they are immune form oversight.  It is clear the Government is not capable of dealing with this problem.

During the interview, he was warned about what happens to Muslims who don’t help the Government and was shown documents that confirmed people he knew were being held in prisons throughout the world.

Charming.  We need truth commissions to sort these out.  Feel Free To Email This To Three Friends.

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