Thursday, June 6, 2013

US Soldier Admits Murder to Protect Officers

Americans can no longer see a lie spoken directly to their faces.  A USArmy Sergeant claims he murdered sixteen people, mostly women and kids, which is no doubt true, and far more common that we are allowed to know.  When Bradley Manning released that video of US Helicopter crew murdering civilians helping civilians, he found himself as an object lesson to anyone who would reveal USMilitary criminality.

Here is the outright lie:
Prosecutors say Bales slipped away before dawn on March 11, 2012, from his base in Kandahar Province. 
Really?  If one can slip out of a base unnoticed, then one can slip into a base unnoticed.  Bales, the murder, did this twice in one night?  There are no perimeter guards watching a forward base in enemy territory?  I have an aikido buddy who killed another American one night in Vietnam when the fellow failed to use the password as he approached the perimeter.  "How do you feel about it?"  "No one gets past me."

This story as told in the press just isn't true. Why is it no one asks the simplest questions anymore?  Even if it is true, which it isn't, the CO of that base should be spending 10 years at hard labor in Leavenworth.  Yes, the murders occurred, and this soldier is protecting his officers.

Bales admitting his guilt will spend the rest of his life on vacation, and eventually released.  His officers will all get medals and promotions.    Actually, I like the idea if someone admits a crime, he is free to go.  As long as he tells the whole truth. Bales should be obliged to rat out the others that he expressly states he is trying to save.  Then let the victim/survivors find him and them.

The USMilitary has given Bales a pass when he begged for his life.  As a part of the USMilitary, who work in our name, when children begged for their lives, Bales executed them.  When adults begged for their children's lives, Bales executed them.  No one got a pass from USArmy Sergeant Bales.

He forgot to apologize for murder.    But he did remember to say he hopes this does no harm to U S Soldiers in Afghanistan.  Too late.  But as we saw from My Lai, officers incur no responsibility for their officers committing murder.  So murder of civilians continues.

Bales claims it was stress that caused him to murder sixteen defenseless people.  We are seeing people who are under "intelligence monitoring" also lash out and murder.  Perhaps we should factor in such inevitable lashing out when we elect a global policy of murder for oil.

All this is done in our names.  We enjoy the fruits of empire, and the benefits that come from the murder of sixteen.  This is not isolated.  We are all guilty as hell.  If sixteen people we love are murdered someday, we can hardly complain.

We do group hate on a Muslim who stabs a dead man on a London street.  But look the other way when a Christian murders sixteen women and children.    It is different.  The London fellow is of some African heritage, and Moslem.  We are white.

One of the biggest mistake you can make in life is to believe your own PR.

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