Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lau Sensei Checks In From Hawaii

Had the pleasure of practicing aikido in Montana, and with an FBI agent and student of Lau Sensei's who asked me to remember him to Lau.  A slip with a bokto by Lau Sensei split the fellow's eyebrow open which made for bonding between the two.  When it comes to Lau Sensei and battle scars, it is truly a small world.

And Lau Sensei shares what has to be one of the most surreal martial arts videos ever made.  It proceeds along with fairly standard aikido fare, Bernie Style, and then off into some shotokan katas, and then randori.  At 24:12 Bernie gives randori a twist yet never seen, an addition to training that might be copied worldwide.  He is still innovating with the best of them.  And do stay through to the end, for some classic Lau. One of the benefits of the gift of ADD, is the gifted never quit. 36 minutes.

Aiki Bujutsu from Daniel Fuentealba on Vimeo.

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